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Action for Healthy Sexuality is a new project, working to increase the knowledge of sexual health issues among newcomers, healthcare professionals and multicultural communities. 

Through training workshops, participation in community events and other public awareness activities, the project creates culturally appropriate ways to provide sexual health education to promote healthy sexuality and relationships in Edmonton immigrant communities.  


Edmonton has become increasingly culturally diverse in recent years with more than 200 different ethnic groups and communities. The cultural and linguistic diversities found within immigrant communities are among some of the social determinants of the overall health status of the immigrant population.

These same factors predispose the immigrant population to unhealthy sexuality, sexual violence and/or dysfunctional relationships. While there are many similarities among immigrant families and communities with regard to their attitudes towards sexuality, there are also many differences between cultures and the ways in which sex is discussed. The issues associated with sexual and reproductive health and relationships are very complex, and much more so for members of the ethno-cultural communities who are more confused as a result of their cultural and linguistic background.

Evidence-based research has identified that individuals and families from ethno-cultural communities need culturally appropriate, accurate sexual health and reproductive information to reduce the risk of issues related to unhealthy sexuality. These issues may include:

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs)
  • Unwanted Pregnancies 
  • Sexual & Family Violence 

Project partners: 

  • Sinkunia Community Development Organization 
  • We and The World Centre
  • Family Futures Resource Network
  • Edmonton Multicultural Coalition
  • Multicultural Health Brokers Coop
  • Edmonton Mennonite Centre for Newcomers

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