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On Compass Centre Changes

On Compass Centre Changes

July 30, 2019

Posted by Admin

On Compass Centre Changing With news of the changes to Compass Centre, there are many questions and comments that have come up. It is our hope that we can answer some of those questions here as well as quell some fears.  To start, let’s talk about why this change is happening. Compass Centre did not make this decision out of desperation. This was a carefully thought out, planned move intended to ensure we didn’t just continue to survive, but also grew. That growth isn’t only centered on the community support and service that Compass Centre offers, but the life and opportunities of its staff. This change, while sad, scary, and any other emotion people may feel, is for the better for everyone involved.  Taking a look at where Compass Centre could be five years from now at the status quo, versus where we could be in five years at the YWCA, there is no contest. This move isn’t just about survival, it’s about the benefits for everyone. Proper succession planning can happen to allow for more staff growth, staff get the opportunity to choose their direction, have more resources and the chance at upward mobility. Individual passion for the work that Compass Centre is doing can go into an environment where it can thrive, where there will be more yes’s than no’s because of the capacity of the organization. The programs will also get a chance at a new life and new opportunities Clearly, the work Compass Centre does is needed now more than ever, the voice for sex positivity and reproductive rights needs to be heard far and wide and that is exactly what this change is intended to do. This isn’t about shutting down the community first, sex positive, pro-choice voice that is Compass Centre, this is about being able to have that voice reach even more people.  The YWCA is so excited to be bringing on these programs because they believe in the work. We ensured the YWCA would continue to offer services that truly understood sex positivity, the necessity of pregnancy options counselling and the advocating of reproductive rights. The YWCA holds the same values as Compass Centre and will now be moving forward with an even more sex positive lens. The focus has been on the positive aspects of this change because it is positive. Compass Centre programs will have a new home, but the message and the work stays the same. This move reflects similar past changes from the original Planned Parenthood, to Options Sexual Health, to Compass Centre and now. The difference is, instead of programs being dropped due to funding or capacity, existing programs can be expanded and more programs will have the opportunity to be created. The history isn’t being lost, the name isn’t going away, and neither is the passion. In homage to the history, the YWCA will be keeping the current logo, and some form of the name Compass with their sexual health division going in to the future. Compass Centre will be working on our own way to pay respect to the organization and its history. We will be looking to capture the stories, memories and impact Planned Parenthood, Options or Compass Centre has had in the community. Please email [email protected] with your contribution as to what made the legacy so special to you and how it impacted your life. We are in the process of making something in memoriam and want this to encompass as much of our history as possible. There will be a welcome to Sexual Health at the YWCA in September, stay tuned for dates. We want to thank everyone who has reached out with concerns, questions and congratulations, the fact that you took the time means you are just as passionate about Compass Centre’s mission as we are and we look forward to seeing that passion extended to the YWCA in the pursuit of a sex positive world.    Sincerely Yours, Compass Centre for Sexual Wellness

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