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Compass Centre is passionate about being involved not only in classrooms but also in the community via our moblie education booth. Our booth is run by our volunteer Peer Educators who have extensive training around sexual health and wellness. We attend various events around Edmonton, educating people on sexual health with our interactive games (Sex Trivia Wheel, G-spot golf and Woodie Ring Toss), and handing out condoms and lube to promote safer sex practices. 



summer lovin’ condom Crew (slcc):

Every summer Compass Centre employs summer students for their Summer Lovin’ Condom Crew (SLCC) project through federal and provincial grants. This allows us to attend multiday festivals and events which would not be able to do otherwise.

SLCC aims to deliver sexual health information to youth and young adults between the ages of 16-30 years old. SLCC attends summer music festivals, sport tournaments, bars and other youth-oriented events to best reach its targeted demographic.

SLCC travels with a mobile booth equipped with a display board and a variety of resources on contraceptive methods, sexually transmitted infections (STIs), an other relevant sexual and reproductive health information. The interactive games, the booth and display board provide a sex-positive, queer friendly, safe and approachable forum for the public to ask questions, raise awareness and learn about resources.

The goal of SLCC is to offer an engaging and interactive experience that encourages young people to approach the booth and enter into a dialogue with our staff and volunteers.  

For more information or to request our booth at an event, contact [email protected] or call 780-423-3737

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